Studying ‘Bachelor of Cycle-logy’ at IIT-Madras

I’m just back from my business trip to Chennai : Infact a supplier audit…. My 1st one- all alone…

I landed at the Meenambakkam international airport at around 8.00.a.m. and hired a taxi to the supplier’s place.. this is when my tryst with Tamil started.. The driver did not know my language and I did not know his. But yeah.. Since, he was already booked by my company, he knew where I had to go..

I finished my job at the supplier quite early than what I thought. So, I had to spend time from 2.00.p.m to 7.00.p.m in this Tamil land. I had my flight at 9.00.p.m.

I had no idea where to go- To hang out alone means to communicate through sign language with the locals. But one thing I learnt quite fast was- Being a South Indian really helps… U can mix up bits of Malayalam and a little more of coorgi- and make it sound pretty much like Tamil. And it worked in my case. The driver managed to understand most of it- and the rest- Sign language it was !!

My Friend studying at IIT-M was my rescuer for the day..

What if I did not crash the GATE?? That did not stop me from learning at the prestigious IIT-M..!! Thanks to my friend pursuing research at IIT-M, This is where I completed my “Bachelor of Cycle-logy” which I had left unfinished way back in primary school. My friend and I were cycling all afternoon around the 600+ acres of lush greenery.

One of my cycling tracks- The Bonn Ave
The Gajendra circle

IIT-Madras is located adjacent to Guindy national park(the 8th smallest in India)- the last bit of the tropical dry evergreen forest in India.. I witnessed the co-existence of man and the wild(sort of a thing) with black bucks, spotted deers etc. walking around fearlessly.

A White Buck on the IIT campus
The cycling stretch from the boy’s hostel
Near the admin office

Also, this campus is where the “Cheapest” Café Coffee Day exists.. Since, this CCD is exempted of most taxes- things are pretty cheaper than anywhere else.

It was 5.00.p.m something and I had checked into almost every corner of IIT-M already. So, there was scope for some more exploration. Next we decided to hit the “Elliot Beach” in Besant nagar about 6.kms from IIT-M.

A corn vendor @ Besantnagar / Elliot’s beach

We had some corn, I bought a Rajnikanth mask, flew a kite etc. on the sea shore. I waited patiently to see the sun set. I waited and waited… n it was dark already… Only then did I realize that the sun only rises in Elliot beach :P. The beach attracted crowd with more of a traditional mindset contrary to those on the west-coast.

The beach at sunset time

It was going to be 6.30.p.m and we thought it would be wiser to leave- because we had to brave through the Chennai traffic inorder to make to the airport on time.

All in all- a day well spent. Looking forward for many more business trips 😛

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