Coked-Chicken Salad

<Date: 11-Mar-2009>

Now you’re wondering what it means.!!

My mum who was bent on me learning to cook (so that she can get me married soon.?!!) insisted on me preparing the lunch for everyone when I had planned to have a peaceful lunch out with Jazz 😥 and that too.. this time: she wanted me to learn some non-veg dish. But she did not forget to include a pacifier to keep my anger at bay.. I was permitted to experiment with any ingredient available at the nearest supermarket and she would buy them all herself.. I am bugged of eating the usual and anyway had the liberty to try something new.. So here goes my invention for the day….

Serves for two:

  • 250gms  : Chicken boneless
  • 400 ml    : Coke
  • 1 big        : green capsicum
  • 100gms   : Sweet corn-boiled
  • 100gms   : Carrot-chopped into long strips
  • 50gms     : fresh beans
  • 2 tbspn    : Lime juice
  • 1 tbspn    : Chilli flakes
  • To taste   : Salt
  • Cloves      : 3-4
  1. Take Chicken in an open vessel and prick the cloves to the chicken randomly and pour Coke to it.
  2. Add not more than a pinch of salt. Place it on the stove and stir it immediately for about 2 mins. Leave it open for about 15min or till the liquid evaporates completely.
  3. Cut the beans into long strips and roast it in a dry pan inorder to make it dry but not lose its colour.
  4. Mix all the cut vegetables, with chilli flakes.
  5. Separate the chicken to strips and mix it with the vegetables.
  6. Add the lime juice and salt to taste.
  7. Serve it on a bowl 😛

The coke adds a subtle sweetness to the chicken and the cloves give it a light fragrance.

No oil used and all fresh vegetables. So, it fills your tummy quite fast as there is a lot of water content in it. A simple dish that was ready in 20mins. 🙂 my first experiment was an instant hit 🙂

Coked-Chicken Salad (1)

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