My desire to light up the World..!!


I want to:

* Be the little worm that lights up a lost way to give some hope
* Be a candle flame that lights up a world of darkness
* Be a beacon that lights up to guide a lost vessel
* Be a beam of laser that lights up to mould a metal block
* Be a sparkle that lights up the pretty eyes
* Be a ray of sunrise that lights up the colours within a kaleidoscope
* Be a distant star that lights up a romantic night


Wondering where all this sudden fancy is coming from??

I saw this kid walking around the mall last night, when the power went off suddenly.. And then I saw this little red light that moved like – on and off- on and off- on and off— and then glowed ooonnn & off!! I knew that the little boy had found his way to reach his mom in the darkness- or vice-versa- His mom had traced him out..

Then, it was nostalgia that took over my mind.. My heart was craving to go back to the good old days of childhood when I too walked around with a pair of such pressure sensing buttons under my heels that would light up my road and that used to make me feel soooo proud every time it blinked..
HELL YEAH..!!! I want a pair of those light up shoes now..!!!

Been trying to google it ever since.. and found a few options as well..

* Buy the largest size from the kids’ shoes segment.

* Light up shoes (this one does not glow at the heels but at the tongues..!!)- A minimum order of 80 pcs accepted.

But finally— A good deal: I found these really punk looking light up shoe laces (Damn cool..!!)


So, I’m ordering for a bunch of these glow up laces right away..!!

You wanna give me hugs or bugs?? leave them here..

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