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Just a thought that popped up in a flash.. A few based on my personal experiences and a few others by watching the others.. My views and rules on how a society has to be built…….

My First job at the Hospital


I’m on the mezanine floor…. 

A cap whose colour is forgotten behind the thick layer of oil & grease, a pair of knitted white gloves which now look like dark leather ones with the dirt, black heavy leather shoes with metal cover for the toes, newly introduced punk looking helmets which make me look like a cyclist, arm covers, wrist guards, goggles- the deep sea diving types…. These are my safety gears at work… and I’m all set for some action..!!!

I’m told that there’s some problem with the shoulder joints(the front door hinges) and he needs a physio- so I ripped both the hands(the front doors) apart..  His eyes (headlamps) were flickering.. And I checked for some electric signals that the brain sent across.. The MIL was glowing.. So I removed the eyes out of the skull. Even then, the MIL was on. Now it was time to pull out the nose and dig deep into the nostrils (the hood and everything under). Then, the spine (the steering column) came out. Now it was time to shave the head off (the IP panel covers) and I directly pulled out all the nerves (wiring harness) I could catch in a grab. The signals continued… I removed the medulla (immobilizer ECU), cerebrum (theft warning ECU), cerebellum (injector drivers) and the current still continued to flow.. I have removed out every possible source of these signals and now I know the source is “the Master Control- The engine ECU”. It’s in my hand now. Yes the blinking has stopped.

My job doesn’t end there. Infact, it starts only now..  So there I am.. Investigating which Nephron (circuit on the PCB) lead to this current outburst.. I broke open a few capacitors, relays, resistors were already ripped apart.. and finally found the culprit… unbelievable but true- a tiny ant had pee-d on one of the soldered circuits which lead to rust which in turn lead to malfunction of the brain. Hmm…

But my work continues… I will now send the part to the supplier(literally..!!) and follow up with him to identify the root cause and take countermeasure on priority..!!!

OKAY…!!! So I’m Dr. Neurologist here… I work with the brain(ECU) and nerves(all electrical and body parts)

But there is a cardiologist too.. My colleague-friend: He treats all heart related ailments (Engines).

And there’s an orthopaedician too- he treats the limbs (the chassis, suspension systems etc.)

We are the soldiers guarding the Siachen border- We have complete freedom to rip a person apart- part by part and win accolades for it.. Destruction gives us all a complete sense of accomplishment.

We are rarely idle- but when we think we are, we put back everything and go for a long drive.

And then, we are back for yet another postmortem..!!

One of my patients- during the regular check up on the test track

Ofcourse, I have MUCH better pictures of my patients going through even worse treatments.. But, I had to rely on this internet photo for confidential policies 🙂 Picture courtesy: Google images

Coked-Chicken Salad

<Date: 11-Mar-2009>

Now you’re wondering what it means.!!

My mum who was bent on me learning to cook (so that she can get me married soon.?!!) insisted on me preparing the lunch for everyone when I had planned to have a peaceful lunch out with Jazz 😥 and that too.. this time: she wanted me to learn some non-veg dish. But she did not forget to include a pacifier to keep my anger at bay.. I was permitted to experiment with any ingredient available at the nearest supermarket and she would buy them all herself.. I am bugged of eating the usual and anyway had the liberty to try something new.. So here goes my invention for the day….

Serves for two:

  • 250gms  : Chicken boneless
  • 400 ml    : Coke
  • 1 big        : green capsicum
  • 100gms   : Sweet corn-boiled
  • 100gms   : Carrot-chopped into long strips
  • 50gms     : fresh beans
  • 2 tbspn    : Lime juice
  • 1 tbspn    : Chilli flakes
  • To taste   : Salt
  • Cloves      : 3-4
  1. Take Chicken in an open vessel and prick the cloves to the chicken randomly and pour Coke to it.
  2. Add not more than a pinch of salt. Place it on the stove and stir it immediately for about 2 mins. Leave it open for about 15min or till the liquid evaporates completely.
  3. Cut the beans into long strips and roast it in a dry pan inorder to make it dry but not lose its colour.
  4. Mix all the cut vegetables, with chilli flakes.
  5. Separate the chicken to strips and mix it with the vegetables.
  6. Add the lime juice and salt to taste.
  7. Serve it on a bowl 😛

The coke adds a subtle sweetness to the chicken and the cloves give it a light fragrance.

No oil used and all fresh vegetables. So, it fills your tummy quite fast as there is a lot of water content in it. A simple dish that was ready in 20mins. 🙂 my first experiment was an instant hit 🙂

Coked-Chicken Salad (1)

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A Tusker’s baby

<Dated: 05-Jan-2009>

Soon after our semester exams were over, Jazz, Lee and I headed to Coorg to spend our vacation. Among many crazy things and blunders we did during our trip, this one is the most memorable. This might sound a little eewww/ OMG/ perverted types.. But I can’t help sharing it…

We planned to spend one full day at the Dubare elephant camp.. River rafting, canoeing, free diving into the 50+ feet deep river in the middle of the thick jungle, elephant feeding.. A long list of activities kept us going all through the day.. We were all exhausted by dusk and sat on a rock on the river bank and decided to watch the elephants coming there for an evening shower.

Jazz had noticed something unusual about the two elephants that had just come into the river. She suddenly shouted, “Heyy.!! Look, look.. There is something coming out there!!”

As if I knew what it was, I reacted: “Hey record it in your cam-recorder.. The 2 elephants are giving birth to calves. Wow.. That’s amazing… See.., See it.. Ohhh.. So they deliver in water huh?!!

Lee can’t be left behind. She soon responded- “ Heyy.. No man.. Watch carefully, the elephants have THREE LEGS!! “

The mighty tusker - The entertainer for the day
The mighty tusker – The entertainer for the day

Dubare (5)

Just incase you were wondering what i was talking about...!!
Just incase you were wondering what i was talking about…!!

OH MY GOSH..!!! We had actually witnessed the ERECTION of those two MALE elephants..

I mean how can TUSKERS deliver babies??

We soon realized that we just had an utter KNOWLEDGE DISASTER…. We had a super thriller killer end to our day at the elephant camp… We came home laughing at our dumbness / innocence…  just laughter laughter and more laughter….!!!

My 1st article at the Creative writing class

<Dated: 09-Jul-2011>

After I was done with my engineering, I had few months to spend before I had to report to my job.

So, I was keen on joining some creative writing/ journalism classes and try my hands at working for media (part time). And what better place than my almamater (Mount Carmel College)..!!! just being around this place gives a boost to my energy..

So, I joined the extra credit course in CREATIVE WRITING at MCC…  Here is one of my first articles after which our teacher : Ms.Rachna Chabria was supposed to decide each student’s skill level. We were asked to write about ‘A place where there is a lot of movement in characters” . Some wrote about a wedding they last attended, some chose to narrate a market scene, some a village fair so on and so forth… So here is my 1st article at the creative writing class …..

It is a scene of me sitting in Raja’s seat all alone, early in the morning at around 5.30.a.m.

The sun was not out yet. I found a nice place on a small patch of well maintained lawn. I could feel the moisture of the cold dew drops on my feet and my palms as I tried to support my body to sit on the lawn to get a nice view of the sunrise. It was a much needed- a very peaceful morning.

I could see layers of clouds of different shades overlapping each other which seemed to be neverending, covering up the far away mountains. The sun was slowly rising up and the first few rays passed from in-between the leaves of the tree that stood beside me and illuminated the drops on the grass underneath, which glittered like small diamonds embedded on stalks made of jade.

My senses were pleased as the fragrance of the blooming flowers had filled in the air. I felt the cold breeze flow past my cheeks which reminded me of floating in heaven: like a typical Bollywood scene. As the wind blew, the mist that had covered the mountains, started to clear out slowly. I could hear the chirping of the birds which were leaving their homes for the day’s task.

My sight deviated to some kind of a small pressure that I felt on my bare feet. It was a bright yellow coloured flower with some purple streaks and red polka dots. I put my hand across to pluck this flower and to my surprise, it flew away to sit on a real flower next to me.

I was suddenly disturbed by loud pounding sounds made by the shoes of the joggers who entered this nature’s fully packed activity zone. I was afraid my thoughts would be disturbed by the increasing number of visitors and so, I decided to head back home.

I was appreciated for the one above and it felt nice to have a hit in your first attempt 😉

Unfortunately, two days later I got a call from my current employer asking me to join his firm after a week. It was a very depressing moment for me and I had to leave my course half way- na… quarter way.. with a heavy heart 😥

Some photos clicked in the evening at the same place are added below. I bet- the morning scene is one that your eyes will always behold..!!

Raja’s seat @ sunset time

Raja's seat (5)

India… On the go…

India.. one of the fastest growing economies of the world.

We boast of being the land of ultra-mod skyscrapers, world’s top billionaires, multi-storeyed residences, luxurious amenities, so on and so forth.

What we have been ignoring are- the little things that are just within our vicinity. We think it is something usual and there is nothing to break our heads about. We spend more time following our celebrity idols- where they go, what they do etc. An actors’ progeny is bound to be a talented actor and so with a politician.

One evening, while I was walking back home from college, I came across a man pushing his cycle which was loaded with goods. He was walking in the opposite direction- towards me. From the front view- his cycle had a 4-5 rug sacks tied on to either sides of the handles filled with goods. 2 plastic pots were tied onto either sides of the carrier at the rear. My eyes fell on something that looked like a random bundle of clothes placed at the rear end of the cycle. As we walked closer, I noticed something unusual. What I thought was a bundle of rags was infact a baby…!! Roughly 4-5 months old, sleeping peacefully on a tin trunk box covered with just a piece of rugged bedspread. I walked closer and made sure what my eyes just saw and what my mind just thought it was, was right. The Little baby boy was having a peaceful nap without ever knowing the realty of this cruel world. He had no idea about the kind of hardship his fragile parents were going through just to bring him up.

Theatre on wheels
Theatre on wheels

This cycle was his home. This cycle was his office. This cycle was his mode of transport. Oh.. Did I say “His”? He does not live alone in this makeshift home. He lives with his wife and 3 kids. He also carries his makeshift “Drama Company” on these wheels. He stops where he thinks it is right; performs a few acts and earns a few pennies enough to feed his family with a 1 time meal per day. I was confused how to react on hearing this story. I did not understand whether I had to feel bad because he was poor or whether to feel happy that he was content with his life (or atleast for what he seemed like). But, all I can do is, speak about it in a little more elaborate context but can never think of getting into that man’s shoes and exploring his world.

Theatre on wheels (6)
towards facing the drama of life

When asked for, he gladly posed for a picture with a warm smile. The only gesture I could show was to offer him the fifty rupee note that I had in my wallet which he received with a bigger smile. This “Small and Happy home” kept my thoughts disturbed atleast for a week. Maybe I can try to get him a job in some theatre, movie or make a documentary which could earn him enough money to support his family’s needs- lot of ideas came popping in my mind. But I felt like a helpless little creature in this evil wide world where the scope for growth is meant only for the rich. The rich is getting richer and there is no scope for improvement for the lesser privileged. The others who fall in between these two categories are just mute spectators.

I can see India growing…Yes.. India is really on a go.!!