This is relatively the latest page on my blog. It consists of quotes born out of my own life experiences and realisations. Most of them being out of frustration, depression and thoughts of hopelessness that contribute to my mood swings now and then; yet there could be some that just popped out of my happy times.. So keep a check on this page time to time 😛

<09-Aug-15> If your presence can ever make a difference to someone, then it is to your mother. Neither your father, spouse, sibling nor a friend is going to spend their life wasting a tear for you. They will move on.. #HithaVachanas.

<21-Aug-15> There is nothing called as a breakup, They are all occurrences due to incompatibility. requoted #HithaVachanas

<09-Nov-15> Feeling of insecurity is man’s worst enemy. It does not let you enjoy what you have with you. #HithaVachanas

<26-Jan-16> There’s no mistake bigger than the learning. #HithaVachanas

<14-Apr-16> It’s better to let go if it is causing you pain by trying to hold on to it with love. #HithaVachanas

<26-Dec-16> Love is from the heart. Love is not always blind, it is sometimes interrupted by the ugly mind. #HithaVachanas

<16-Feb-17> Life is a balance of happiness and sorrows. God has given you the sorrows in the form of relatives you can’t change. And that’s exactly why he’s given YOU the option to choose your friends to balance the happiness. Choose your friends wisely! #HithaVachanas

<11-Nov-19> Two customers looking for the same product meet at the customer lounge and got acquainted after the salesperson gave them each other’s reference. While one reads the terms and conditions from the reverse side of a brochure, the other was looking for the product description from the front. Both of them never understood what they were looking for. Just while they were arriving at the middle page, the shelf life had ended. #StoryOfMyLife Please read the offer document carefully before investing. Investments are subject to market risks. #HithaVachanas

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