Communication gap? Fill it!

I’ve been a keen observer of people for most of my life, speak up only when forced to, silent when my presence is not a mandate.. Here are some matured talks I’d like to do after analysing the different people I have met and various situations I have gone through over these years..

You find someone good looking ? Walk up: Go tell him / her about what you think. Initially you might get back some dirty stares(a tight wack across your face in rare events), but that person for sure will blush from within and start feeling good about himself. Don’t you feel good when you make someone feel good about themselves..??

Someone’s wearing a nice dress / shoes ? Compliment them. A smile on their face is assured 🙂

You feel cheated in a relationship – Sort it out. It’s better than spending your life with a lie that never was true.

Feeling left out in the crowd? Open up. Just say ‘Hi’ with a handshake with a stranger and just see- you have a friend to accompany for the rest of your day..

You have an inclination for a civil partnership ? Talk it..with your parents. They know what’s good for you better than you know about yourself.. And you  have the right to do what you like to.. Don’t deceive yourself and mess up another innocent(your-to-be-fiance)’s dreams too..!!

Feeling low about your importance at work ? Speak up to your boss. Beyond a point, an employee’s primary need has less to do with money, and more to do with how he’s treated and how valued he feels (quoted by: David W. Richard). Give it a try before thinking of putting your papers- You might end up missing out on a chance.

You don’t like something about your best friend ? Tell it..!! You have every damn right to let him/her know.. You’ll be the betrayer if not..

Someone’s troubling you ? Discuss it with your partner/friend/parent. Share it with someone at least.. Together you will be able to find a solution. No matter how old you are, you are not strong enough to stand alone by your stride..!!

Getting bullied ? Glare it right back at them.. Don’t let anyone force you into silence.. Everything has a limit..!!

Students… You know the answer for the question that the teacher just asked ? Tell it out- If it’s right, you’ll be the hero. If it’s wrong, you will learn something new. You are not losing anything either ways.. you see 🙂

After a lecture, you have a doubt ? Ask it out.. No matter how silly it might sound to the others.. 1. They too would probably have the same doubt but be hesitant to ask.  2. You are clear about that 1 hour long boring session and are taking back something useful.

The doom’s day is here..? this time- you SHUT UP–  It’s very important not to let your emotions take over entirely. Remember that this is just a passing phase / conversation, and people will think better of you if you speak calmly and slowly. Acting calm makes you seem collected and in control, especially if other people are freaking out around you.

Worst case— You are that extremely shy one just out of your cocoon for a flash of a time..?? Write it up. Write it to the authority asking them to explain, write it to a dear one to express what you feel. But, that’s all. All the other feelings- save them in your shelves. Might help you to author a book someday..

But, remember… you have to fill the communication gap at the end of the day.. DO NOT LEAVE anything unsaid, untold.. For only you will know what is in your mind..


PS: The above rules do not apply if the affiliated institutions are governed by Indian politics.. Do not dare the above lest you shall be counting the bars there..!!

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