Pamper Your Heart By Visiting These Dubai Famous Attractions

Dubai and its wide range of fascinating attractions, make it an outstanding addition to your travel bucket. With plenty of hair rising experiences, one can have a time of their life at this Arabian delight. Pamper your heart, by visiting the museum on illusion, known for its over 60 exhibits and to trick your minds, with the optical illusions displayed through different patterns, colors and holograms. At night time visit the Dubai glow garden, which has an extravagant theme, of ecstatic display and attraction made with biodegradable time such as CD, fabrics and energy saving LED bulbs.

Another extravagant addition to your travel bucket, is the Dubai miracle garden. The garden has plenty of floral exhibits, made into humongous structures. Discover the Emirates A380 Flights and the floral clock, which are made with fresh floral species. Lastly, have a time of your life, by visiting the Dubai global village, which highlights the cultural integrity of more than 95 countries and their attractions.

Some of the other places you can explore in Dubai are:

  1. MOTF – The museum of the future is one of the most fascinating attractions in Dubai. The museum of the future has three different levels that render plenty of captivating missions, discoveries and inventions that will keep you intrigued throughout your tour. One of the most extraordinary additions is the Amazon rainforest, which has splendid screens displaying upcoming climatic changes of our planet. This will definitely make you come back for more. On the second floor, one can find technological marvels, and digital inventions that highlight the exquisite future of the youth. The museum of the future, also has 3 fabulous exhibitions, ‘Future Heroes’- Imagine, Design and Build on the 1st floor which has hair rising exhibits that you can admire. The DNA library at the MOTF, is where you will find out about endangered species. Take a tour of the entire museum and discover its awesome interiors, which have 77 meter dome shaped exteriors. This is considered one of the biggest examples of modern engineering and makes you marvel over the exemplary work of architecture as well.
  2. Global Village Dubai – The global village Dubai, is another striking attraction that celebrates the cultural integrity and the splendid rituals of all different traditions across the world. Spread across an area of 160000 hectares, this mega project is considered one of Dubai’s most successful recreational centers, combining tourism, leisure activities and entertainment projects, in a unique and memorable extravaganza. As you enter into the global village Dubai, enjoy around 40,000 live entertainment and cultural shows that are perfect for kids and adults. There are more than 75 countries that the global village of Dubai throws light upon. Discover mini replicas of some of the world’s most celebrated heritage locations such as Taj Mahal and the colosseum. All the enlightening performances, performed by classic acrobats are a must watch. The iconic attraction has a wide range of rides, that will take you upto soaring heights which will have you screaming your lungs out. Discover the cultural food of different nations, and make thousands of amazing memories with your loved ones.
  3. Miracle Garden Dubai – The incredible Miracle Dubai garden is another fabulous attraction that makes Dubai so popular. The miracle garden has millions of different florals that are used to resemble some of the most iconic structures that you will ever witness. As you enter into the garden, you will find the A380 flight which is made up of five hundred thousand live flowers and plants, making it one of the largest floral exhibits to beaver made. As you delve deeper, you will find out the floral clock which is 15 meters in circumference, the garden exhibits dynamic floral designs and arrangements. You will definitely be intrigued by the meticulous and intricate designs that has been installed in this attraction. At times, you will find awesome dance performances, and a wide range of displays of amusing floral species. Also post the life sized hearts, butterflies and other such fasting floral exhibits. Learn more about these intriguing floral exhibits and the way they keep changing throughout different seasons, times and more.
  4. Museum of Illusions – The museum of illusions is another extravagant attraction that promises to make your Dubai venture even more incredible. Inside this museum, one will find a splendid range of exhibits that will definitely blow your mind. The extraordinary optical illusions have been created in crazy ways to make you question the science behind it. There are over 60 exhibits, which promise to trick your mind and senses. The plenty of mind-bending exhibits, optical illusions, holograms, stereograms as well as a playroom with puzzles that will marvel at such artistic qualities. The Rotated room is where you can take 80degree upside down photos, while the room settings remain on the ground. The optical illusion wall has images, with colors, lights and patterns that will trick your mind. The hologram exhibit has 3D images that portray outstanding images. The head on the platter exhibits where the tourists can click fun pictures, with their heads that appear to be inside a large box above the table. Sit on the illusion chair and trick others with your captivating small size instantly.
  5. Dubai Garden Glow – The Dubai glow garden is a one of its kind attraction that can be best enjoyed during late night ventures in Dubai. The garden has present exhibits of a variety of humongous artistic displays, which are made with light saving bulbs, and recycled fabrics. Such fantastic attraction and the conservation of energy theme behind it, makes it a fabulous attraction to explore in your tour. The entire park has mini replicas of world’ biggest landmarks and heritage attractions, but made with biodegradable items and LED energy saving lighting. Inside the park, you will find out, art park, which has a total of about 5,00,000 pieces of recyclable stuff, like CDs, put into beautiful displays that you can admire. Above the magic park, ice park and dinosaur park, made with awe-inspiring lighting that will make our night light up.

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