Devanahalli- The town within a Fort

On a casual weekday off, dad and I decided to take a train trip to some place nearby.. So, We bought 2 tickets of Rs.4 each for Ypr-Devanahalli Passenger and headed to the platform. We boarded the train with 5 bogies with 5 passengers for a round trip. That makes it 1 passenger per bogie 😛

We passed through more of a green route- considering that the train still plies well within Bangalore. And soon after arriving at Devanahalli Rlwy Stn, it was time for some exploration…

Devanahalli railway station
Devanahalli railway station

As we started walking towards the main town area, we were welcomed by a large pond(we could say that there once existed an old temple) which was all dried up now… And here onwards- we came across numerous temples along our way.

An Old temple pond
An Old temple pond

Next we arrived at a small mantap- This is the Birth place of Tippu Sultan. Not a very exciting architectural monument considering the fact that Tippu was born by the road side (or so it seemed).

Tippu's Birth place
Tippu’s Birth place

And then… we enter— Fort Devanahalli..!!

At the first glance, it seems like a neglected piece of history with rain water stagnating by the side, excavation waste from the city dumped at the entrance, unpaved dusty roads. As we passed through the super narrow entrance of the fort- We decided to walk along the fort walls for the rest of our exploration.

We soon realized that it is one whole town that actually exists within the walls of the fort. But apart from the walls, there was nothing much that spoke about Tippu’s valour that is often spoken about in history books.

We walked till evening and were able to cover one half of the Fort- and we had already exited from the other end of the town. From there we boarded a BMTC bus back to the city.

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