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A Tusker’s baby

<Dated: 05-Jan-2009>

Soon after our semester exams were over, Jazz, Lee and I headed to Coorg to spend our vacation. Among many crazy things and blunders we did during our trip, this one is the most memorable. This might sound a little eewww/ OMG/ perverted types.. But I can’t help sharing it…

We planned to spend one full day at the Dubare elephant camp.. River rafting, canoeing, free diving into the 50+ feet deep river in the middle of the thick jungle, elephant feeding.. A long list of activities kept us going all through the day.. We were all exhausted by dusk and sat on a rock on the river bank and decided to watch the elephants coming there for an evening shower.

Jazz had noticed something unusual about the two elephants that had just come into the river. She suddenly shouted, “Heyy.!! Look, look.. There is something coming out there!!”

As if I knew what it was, I reacted: “Hey record it in your cam-recorder.. The 2 elephants are giving birth to calves. Wow.. That’s amazing… See.., See it.. Ohhh.. So they deliver in water huh?!!

Lee can’t be left behind. She soon responded- “ Heyy.. No man.. Watch carefully, the elephants have THREE LEGS!! “

The mighty tusker - The entertainer for the day
The mighty tusker – The entertainer for the day

Dubare (5)

Just incase you were wondering what i was talking about...!!
Just incase you were wondering what i was talking about…!!

OH MY GOSH..!!! We had actually witnessed the ERECTION of those two MALE elephants..

I mean how can TUSKERS deliver babies??

We soon realized that we just had an utter KNOWLEDGE DISASTER…. We had a super thriller killer end to our day at the elephant camp… We came home laughing at our dumbness / innocence…  just laughter laughter and more laughter….!!!

My 1st article at the Creative writing class

<Dated: 09-Jul-2011>

After I was done with my engineering, I had few months to spend before I had to report to my job.

So, I was keen on joining some creative writing/ journalism classes and try my hands at working for media (part time). And what better place than my almamater (Mount Carmel College)..!!! just being around this place gives a boost to my energy..

So, I joined the extra credit course in CREATIVE WRITING at MCC…  Here is one of my first articles after which our teacher : Ms.Rachna Chabria was supposed to decide each student’s skill level. We were asked to write about ‘A place where there is a lot of movement in characters” . Some wrote about a wedding they last attended, some chose to narrate a market scene, some a village fair so on and so forth… So here is my 1st article at the creative writing class …..

It is a scene of me sitting in Raja’s seat all alone, early in the morning at around 5.30.a.m.

The sun was not out yet. I found a nice place on a small patch of well maintained lawn. I could feel the moisture of the cold dew drops on my feet and my palms as I tried to support my body to sit on the lawn to get a nice view of the sunrise. It was a much needed- a very peaceful morning.

I could see layers of clouds of different shades overlapping each other which seemed to be neverending, covering up the far away mountains. The sun was slowly rising up and the first few rays passed from in-between the leaves of the tree that stood beside me and illuminated the drops on the grass underneath, which glittered like small diamonds embedded on stalks made of jade.

My senses were pleased as the fragrance of the blooming flowers had filled in the air. I felt the cold breeze flow past my cheeks which reminded me of floating in heaven: like a typical Bollywood scene. As the wind blew, the mist that had covered the mountains, started to clear out slowly. I could hear the chirping of the birds which were leaving their homes for the day’s task.

My sight deviated to some kind of a small pressure that I felt on my bare feet. It was a bright yellow coloured flower with some purple streaks and red polka dots. I put my hand across to pluck this flower and to my surprise, it flew away to sit on a real flower next to me.

I was suddenly disturbed by loud pounding sounds made by the shoes of the joggers who entered this nature’s fully packed activity zone. I was afraid my thoughts would be disturbed by the increasing number of visitors and so, I decided to head back home.

I was appreciated for the one above and it felt nice to have a hit in your first attempt 😉

Unfortunately, two days later I got a call from my current employer asking me to join his firm after a week. It was a very depressing moment for me and I had to leave my course half way- na… quarter way.. with a heavy heart 😥

Some photos clicked in the evening at the same place are added below. I bet- the morning scene is one that your eyes will always behold..!!

Raja’s seat @ sunset time

Raja's seat (5)